Terms & Conditions

Jober's Terms & Conditions

General Information

  1. Jober.uk is owned by Jober Ltd, hereinafter referred to as the Owner.
  2. The Owner does not take responsibility for the content of job postings, as they are posted by Jober's users.
  3. Each job advertisement must be relevant to a specific position; otherwise, it will be removed by website administrators.
  4. Users may post multiple jobs, provided each job pertains to a distinct position.
  5. Jober.uk will not mediate disputes between users but may share information for legal purposes.
  6. Usage of the website must comply with both British and international laws.
  7. Users are prohibited from publishing protected content (e.g., copyrighted material), offensive material, or content of an erotic or pornographic nature.
  8. Users cannot claim damages resulting from errors or faults.
  9. By using our services, you agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions; failure to do so prohibits browsing our site or posting content.

For Job Seekers

  1. Your email address may be stored, and you may receive job postings via email.
  2. Job offers posted on the website are the responsibility of the users, not the Owner.
  3. If you suspect a job advertisement to be suspicious, please promptly contact us by email for investigation and potential removal.

For Companies/Recruiters

  1. Your username will be the email address provided during registration.
  2. Each email address will be validated and requires confirmation.
  3. All job postings are free of charge; there are no costs associated with posting.
  4. By using our platform, you consent to receive marketing and non-marketing emails from the Owner and other users.
  5. Jobs may be removed, and accounts may be blocked if actions are deemed harmful to the website or its users.

Your Jobs & Account

  1. Your jobs may be removed, and your account may be blocked if you:
    • violate the Terms & Conditions;
    • advertise competitors or potentially damage the website;
    • post duplicate or similar job content.
  2. Actions may be taken without prior notice.

Final Agreement

  1. All designs (e.g., logos, templates) are protected by copyright and may not be used without permission.
  2. Unauthorized attempts to access the website's database, code, or server are criminal offenses, and legal action will be pursued.
  3. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.